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Guide to Buying Hair

| Guides | March 27, 2012

A Guide to Buying Hair

HairClassifieds.com hosts a wide range of human hair sellers. Our website platform is formatted to making sorting through listings simple and quick. This guide to buying hair will help you find the perfect hair, and purchase it quickly and with ease:

1- First you will want to browse through our ads until you find the perfect hair for your needs.

2 – Make sure that you thoroughly read the description for the hair and carefully examine and attached pictures.

3 – There will be a contact form in which to ask the seller any questions or make an offer.

4 – If the person selling the hair decides to accept your offer you’ll need to discuss what delivery method to use and make the payment. We only recommend you use PayPal as the payment method. Using money orders or checks are a common ploy of scammers. Visit the scams page to see what to look for if you are unsure if an email is a scam or not.

5 – After you have made the payment, and they hair is ready, you’ll need to arrange for delivery. This will preferably be done through a recorded service. If you decide to meet in person please be careful and take precautions.

6 – Congratulations on your successfully completed transaction! Please visit HairClassifieds.com again to find more high quality hair.

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